Opps! So many misstakes! #1

26 March 2020 | Posted under

Oh no! This piece is littered with spelling mistakes, I don't knwo where to begin. Any chance you could help? I tried counting them but I'm not sure how many there are. Can you spot them?

Sausages Save Nell's Bacon!

Sausages are normaly associated with brekfasts and barbecues – but they also came in handy for a mountain recsue recently! 

Nell, a too-year-old collie, was out for a run in the Scotish Highlands with her owner and her friend when they got into difficulty.

The humans were soon saved by the mountain rescue team. They were suffering from mild hypotermia (dangerously low body temperature) and had to be airlifted to hospital by helecopter. Unfortunately, the noisy chopper scared Nell, who ran away.

Wondering how to now save the missing dog, the rescue team came up with a rather smart way of luring Nell back to safety. The next day, they returned to the arae where she ran away and started cooking!

They put some sausages on a disposible barbecue where the smell of the sizzling bangers enticed the dog out of hiding.

Having been lured closer by the aroma, a frightened Nell was eventualy secured. After a picnik lunch, the rescuers walked her eight kilometres back to the roadside and reunited 
her with her owner.

I know, I know, very shoddy work. If you have spotted any, can you list them below. We will announce a winner next Thursday -- the person who spots them all. If there are more than one, one name will be pulled from the hat! 

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