Orb by Kimora Kelly

13 January 2020 | Posted under


David didn’t want to say goodbye, but he had to.

Orb rubbed lovingly against his neck, making a little humming sound, as it did so.

You see, oOrb was no ordinary orb – he was a ‘lightbulb orb’. The rarest of all.

David had found Orb injured on his doorstep one night and took him in. Since then, Orb had been living with David … until that fateful night.

David and Orb had found a whole colony of lightbulb orbs living on Mars. They had peered through David’s telescope and had seen their distinctive glow on the planet’s red surface.

After this, Orb sent a message out to them and, much to David’s disappointment, they answered back saying that they would come for Orb that very night.


Within a few hours, Orb and David were sat on the hill looking down on David’s hometown, waiting for Orb’s family to come.

Just then, a strange humming noise filled the air!

David and Orb looked up. There were hundreds of tiny balls of light flying around the sky! The largest one flew down to David and Orb and hummed happily at them both.

‘I guess this is goodbye …’ sniffed David tearfully.

Orb hummed sadly in reply and rubbed against David’s face before flying up to join his family.           




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