Pro-D By Dara Russell

4 October 2019 | Posted under

Con the goblin had finally discovered it – how to make his millions! And he would sell his discovery to the humans.

Yes, play with the human emotions. Human emotions are funny things, you know.

Now, you may be asking yourself ‘But what was this amazing discovery?

It was … well, Con hadn’t officially named his discovery yet, so he just called it Pro-D. Pro-D was a mixture of gorm-glue (a common sticky blue-ish formula mostly used by craft goblins) and soul-slop (a light blue liquid that the Death Searchers used in their orbs). This he held in a small jar.

To get Pro-D to work, you hold it cupped in your hands and concentrate on a loved one who has passed away. Soon enough, a small version of them will appear. They won’t talk or make a noise, but they will react to things like waving and nodding. They may wave back, or they may even laugh if you pull a funny face.

The reason Con created Pro-D was to see his mother again. Con’s mother, Fro, had disappeared three years previous and nobody knew what happened. Con, however, had a hunch – a thought Con had shared with no one. He believed it was his uncle Gregor.

Uncle Gregor had decided to move from Dwindle Alley (a small goblin-inhabited street hidden in Cork City) to a small corner of County Limerick at the exact same time Con’s mother had disappeared.

Uncle Gregor was visiting for a week. He was visiting because he ‘missed his family’. Fat chance!

As Con was closing up his workshop, he turned off the lights and locked all four of the locks on his door. There were four locks so nobody could break-in easily and the only people with the four keys were Con and his father Con Senior.

Con walked down the cobbled street back home. Once he got there, he made a cup of tea and went up to bed. But Con couldn’t sleep as there was a light outside.

Getting up to see what it was, Con spotted the light in his workshop on!

When he reached there, the workshop door was wide open, and inside stood Gregor holding the Pro-D prototype. Before Con could speak, Gregor said ‘Your father gave me the key’, then turned and ran.

Days turned into months; Con was devastated that all his work was for nothing.

Six months after Pro-D was stolen, there came a knock on the door. When Con answered it, it was his mother – holding the Pro-D prototype!

By Dara Russell, 6th Class, Togher NS, Dunmanway, Co. Cork

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