Smartphone You Can Wash With Soap

14 January 2016 | Posted under Vocab Constab

Japanese company Kyocera has announced its brand new Digno Rafre waterproof smartphone. Kyocera say they have developed the toughest smartphone on the market, and they claim it will still work even if you bring it for a swim! The new phone is fitted with what the company call a ‘dragontail glass’ screen and water resistant cover, both of which are tougher than materials used on other smartphones. The phone is also dust-proof and shock-proof and the screen will still respond to touch controls even when the user’s hands are wet, unlike smartphones currently available. It may also be reassuring to phone owners to know they can now wash their phones with soap. A study by scientists in 2010 revealed that our mobile phones are home to 18 times as many germs as our toilet seats!


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