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28 February 2019 | Posted under

Not quite sure how a song that repeatedly says its ‘tired of love songs’ can be our song of the month … but it totally is!

Repetitive to the extreme, but with a great beat, ‘I’m So Tired’ will surely play as a song worm after a few listens.

Fresh off his Golden Globe nomination for Best Song for ‘Revelation’, Troye Sivan has had quite the few years. A massive YouTube star, one of Taylor Swift’s mates, an actor (he played a young Wolverine in the 2009 movie Wolverine) and an incredible singer/songwriter, this 23-year-old has the entertainment world at his fee!

Joined in ‘I’m So Tired’ by fellow-American singer, songwriter and record producer Lauv, this collaboration is red hot … just like both of the guys’ upcoming careers.

Keep an ear out, ladies and gentlemen. They’re gonna be BIG!


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