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28 February 2019 | Posted under


After a long six-year wait, the Jonas Brothers are finally back … and back with a bang!

‘Sucker’ is a cool, breezy pop number with a super laid-back downbeat – the perfect return song for a band that ruled the roost ten nine years ago.

When the trio (Kevin, Joe and Nick) decided to go their separate ways (musically, that is – they are brothers, after all!) in 2013, their legions of fans were left devastated!  So, as you can imagine, when ‘Sucker’ dropped on March 1, it went straight to no.1 on the American Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The video is so much fun and shows the boys (well, men now) and their partners – Nick is married to actress Priyanka Chopra, Kevin is married to his childhood sweetheart Danielle Deleasa, while Joe is engaged to Game of Thrones and X-men actress Sophie Turner – having fun in a fancy, big house.

Welcome back, boys!



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