Tayto Pipped at the Post

7 April 2016 | Posted under 32-Quiz

Recently on Twitter, British TV presenter, Richard Osman, asked people to vote for their favourite crisps in a WORLD CUP OF CRISPS 2016 Twitter Poll (#wcocr2016). The response was massive and it wasn’t long before the people of Ireland, as you would imagine, got behind their own.

Because of the great number of yummy crisps found in the thousands of shops across Ireland and the UK, there were many entries. And like any World Cup, they had to be divided into groups, which they would then have to qualify from to progress into the next round.

Ireland’s favourite crisp brand, Tayto, entered the action in Round 1, Group 4. The tasty Cheese & Onion flavoured snack was chosen to compete. It faced a tough bunch however, as it was joined by the formidable Chipsticks, the tangy Walkers Smoky Bacon and the yummy Space Raiders Pickled Onion crisps. Only two would go through to the next round.

Before long, Chipsticks edged into the lead- funny, I always find they get stuck in your teeth- and Tayto was now left to fight it out for the remaining qualifying place against the other two. As voting ramped up a notch, Tayto and Walkers Smoky bacon pulled ahead of Space Raiders, neck and neck vying for the second spot. At this stage, with victory in sight, Tayto put the call out. ‘Come on spuds! Tayto needs you!’ came the battle cry. 

With both Walkers and Tayto ending on 26%, a draw was announced, leading to a tie break. A ten minute shoot out was announced… the pressure was unbearable! But when the 10 minutes ticked down to zero, Twitter’s whistle blew (so to speak), and voting was halted. There was a winner!

In the cruellest of fashions, Tayto had an agonising 49% of the vote, compared to Walkers’ 51%. A loss for the práta, a win for the spud! It simply wasn’t to be.

But, like all great competitors, Mr. Tayto and his crew remained upbeat. ‘Ireland’, it tweeted, ‘we had some comeback but it wasn’t to be. Tayto united us all & we will be back. Thank you!’

By the way, Pickled Onion Monster Munch were crowned overall winners!

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