The Book of Wishes

28 February 2020 | Posted under

One sunny summer afternoon, while I was walking through the woods on my way home from my first day at the new school, I spotted a faint glow on the path ahead.  

When I reached it, I saw that it was a mysterious-looking book! As I reached out, I wondered whether I should grab it or not? After spending thirty seconds trying to decide, I could stand it no longer. I grabbed it and ran for my life!

When I eventually reached home, I ran in and slammed the front door. As I stood in the hallway, the book began to talk.  It said: ‘I will grant you three 

I jumped high in the air and screamed with excitement. What should I wish for, I thought.   After a few moments, I began …

‘Please let me be a professional footballer when I am older, as I would love to be a goalkeeper or a midfielder for Liverpool FC.’   

I felt so excited as I waited for the book to respond …

‘So it shall be,’ came the book's reply.  
Suddenly, I could picture myself walking into Anfield stadium and  hear the crowd roar!   

‘Can I please see the Seven Wonders of the World?’

I spluttered out my second wish as it popped into my head. I had heard my new teacher Mrs Toner talk about them in school, and they sounded amazing! ‘I would really love to see them!’ I explained. 

‘Yes, you may see the Seven Wonders of the World. When you are a footballer, you will be rich enough to buy a jet and fly to them all. Your second wish is granted.’

I felt so happy I could burst. I laughed for two whole minutes – my dreams were going to come true!  Going for a walk that afternoon had been a great decision – my life was now going to be perfect!   

Now, for my last wish … which was an easy one to make. I had just started a new school, so I began …  

‘Please may I have a really good friend at my new school?’

 ‘Just wait and see what tomorrow will bring,’ the book answered mysteriously.

As soon as the book answered my final wish, WHOOSH! went a mini-tornado through the front window, sucking up the Book of Wishes before zooming out the window.

‘What has just happened to me?’ 

My mind was racing! Will it all come true, I asked myself. 

The next day, I walked into the playground.

‘Hey, Bob, what’s up? Fancy a game of football?’ called Jim with a big smile. 

‘Looks like one of my wishes has been granted already!’ I smiled.  

‘Anfield, here I come!’

By Charlie Vance, age 9, 3rd Class, Castletown NS, St Johnston, Co. Donegal 

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