The Word Work Out #2

25 March 2020 | Posted under

OK, guys, time for a workout, or should we say work out. No dumbells, no jumping jacks, no plank and no sweating needed! Instead, we need you to work out the meaning of a word or phrase by reading it in context. That is, by reading the other words around it in a piece of text. Find the page, article or paragraph in TPP and then detect the word or phrase that solves the clue to its meaning. The number of letters and the starting letter of the solution are in brackets after each clue. Sure, we have it half done for you already! 

LOCATION, Article/Paragraph     CLUE (number of letters, first letter)                             

1. Page 18 Screen Time            Have another think about something. (8,r)                          

2. Page 22  Toothbrush             Gadget; object; article; item. (5,g)                                

3. Page 22 Racing Game          Imitate; replicate; mimic. (8,s)                        

4. Page 22 Tech That                Temporary malfunction of equipment. (6,g)       

5. Page 24 Big News                Grossly overweight; Falstaffian. (5,o)     

6. Page 4 President Higgins      A person who collects or has a great love of books. (11,b)

7. Page 8 Father Dineen           Anointed as a priet (8,o)


P.3   Pandemic?                   Area; neighbourhood; territory. (6,r)        

On page 3, in the section/paragraph/article on Pandemic, we are looking for a word to describe an area, a neighbourhood or a territory.  It has 6 letters and begins with r

Answer:   region       

When you work out the seven answers, or as many as you can get, then list them in the comment box below. We'll reveal the answers later and you can check to see if you made the list. No red pens needed, no corrections, no giving out! See, TPP-style!

Enjoy ... and take your time!  

P.S. Please share this activity with your friends, cousins, grannies and grandads. 


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