'Water' Strange Way

7 December 2017 | Posted under WWW News Farming History

British water company workers are like witches and wizards, one could argue, as they use very unusual and medieval methods of finding underground water pipes.

According to a blog post by PhD student Sally Le Page, she found that water company Severn Trent allows staff to use dowsing rods to find out where water is and, more importantly, where to dig. 

Dowsing rods, also known as ‘divining’, is a bit like witchcraft, and is a medieval technique invented 450 years ago to source water underground.  The practice involves walking around holding either two L-shaped rods parallel to each other, or a v-shaped stick. Apparently, when you move over water, the sticks 'magically' cross each other or move towards the ground. 

There is no scientific evidence to say this method works, and many people believe it’s just a trick of the mind. Yet, as Sally has found out, ten of 12 UK water companies deploy technicians who use, or sometimes use, dowsing rods as part of their work – be it fixing leaks or installing pipes. 

This is definitely being filed under Weird!

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