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OK, guys! Firstly, welcome. Secondly, we hope you are all keeping safe and well. And thirdly, time to roll up those sleeves, dispel the boredom and GET WORKING! Well, when we say working, we mean TPP-style! 

Let me explain ... 

Every weekday -- we all deserve the weekend off, right? -- we'll pop up a list of fun activities for you to complete. They are designed to challenge you, not bore you! If you get stuck, move on to the next one. If you are short on time, pick your favourite one. If you are not bothered for that day, well, come back the next! This isn't school, this is TPP Time!

Here's a list of what you need and what you need to know!

What you need:

a) A computer ... so you can read this! 

b) Either your TPP mag or, from April onwards, access to your online TPP mag. You can access that by clicking here 

c) If possible, a printer, for printing off some of the worksheets ... er, I mean, activties sheets. Let's not use the word 'work' again! If there is no printer avaiable, a sheet of paper and a pencil or pen! 

What to do:

So, once you click on one of the activities -- which will be listed everyday -- and complete it, either enter your answers in the comment box provided or, when required, email them to

Some days, as you will see, an activity may be a survey. Another day it may be a quiz, another day an art challenge. In all activities we will tell you how to submit your work -- doh! I mean, answers! 

Today's activities (click on the button) 

1. It's Mental Maths Time! 

2. Today's Just-2-Minutes Quiz!

3. Futoshiki puzzle Time

4. The Writing Corner

5. Cloze Test Time

6. This week's Pupil Survey 

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