World’s largest knitted blanket

13 September 2018 | Posted under National News

A group of women from County Clare, ably assisted by generous knitters from across the world, have earned themselves a World Record by creating a knitted blanket the size of two football pitches end to end!

Valery Larkin from Inagh was one of those spearheading the project. Speaking on local radio station Clare FM, she said, ‘I’d no doubt at all that we’d do it, the finished measurement was 21,471.73 square feet.’ With the previous record standing at 14,500 square feet, Valery and her fellow-knitters ‘smashed it out of the water.’

In all, the project took 19 months to complete and along with patches knitted locally in Clare and around Ireland, knitters from around the world sent in their own ones to be used in the blanket.

Valery and her friends then spent over a year and a half painstakingly sewing all of the patches together to create the monster blanket.

Now that the new record has been verified, the blanket is going to be cut up into smaller blankets and sold. The funds raised from that sale will go to the Irish Red Cross charity. Amazingly, Valery reckons it will take a whole week to dismantle it!

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