Maths Story Time

Read the Maths Story in this month's Primary Planet (page 28) by clicking here, and see if you can work out the answers below. This is not a quick-fire maths activity, so take your time, have a working-out sheet beside you and adopt the RUDES approach:

1. READ carefully
2. UNDERLINE (key words)
3. DRAW a diagram if you need to. This often helps. 
4. ESTIMATE your answer
5. SOLVE the problem.

Click here to download and print the worksheet. Or, just list your answers in the comment box below. Enjoy ... and good luck. 

Finally Over!


1.    If €1 equals £0.82 sterling, how much did the children get for their savings?
2.    How long did it take the family to get from home to Hollyhead?
3.    25% of the people on board were English, 5% were American, 15% were Welsh, and the remainder were Irish. How many Irish people were on the ferry? 
4. If a ferry costs €165 million, and each crossing takes in average profits of €456,000, how many crossings will it take before the company has the costs of the ferry covered, if they put 75% of their profits towards the price of the ferry?
5. If the ratio of male and female people on board the ferry was 7:3, how many were male and how many were female? 
6. If 9-year-old Emma turns 10 on the third Thursday in September 2020, can you figure out, with the use of a calendar, what date this will be? 
7. The family pre-book the ferry the day they return from their holiday and receive a further 12.5%early-bird discount on what they paid for this trip. How much extra do they save? 

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