Disney's Dumbo


Meet Dumbo, a young elephant that finds life hard. His ears, you see, are much bigger than they should be – even for an elephant – and this makes him a laughing stock, even to the people in his own circus!

But, when a man by the name of Holt Farrier returns from the War and is tasked with looking after the special little elephant, things begin to change ... for the better! And, when Holt’s children, Joe and Milly, discover Dumbo’s secret, the once-bullied animal suddenly becomes the star of the show.

However, not everything is as it seems in the circus owned by Max Medici. And when Holt discovers the dark secrets behind plans for a larger-than-life entertainment venture called Dreamland, Dumbo ends up putting his life in danger to do all he can to save his friends and family.

With wonderful circus characters and amazing live-action scenes, Dumbo is a movie you do not want to miss – so catch it while he flies!

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