The Addams Family


American cartoonist and Addams Family creator Charles Addams first brought his spooky characters to life in the New Yorker magazine in 1938!

The first Addams Family animated series was a Hanna-Barbera production that only ran one season in 1973. Jodie Foster was the voice of Pugsley.

Wednesday Addams didn’t have a name in the original New Yorker cartoons. Charles Addams looked to the children’s poem ‘Monday’s Child’ when the TV character needed a name. Unsurprisingly, ‘Wednesday's child is full of woe.’

In the 1960s, there was an actual dance called ‘The Lurch,’ which started as a storyline in an Addams Family episode.

Did you know Thing once had a girlfriend? Carolyn Jones, who played the original Morticia in The Addams Family series also played Thing’s counterpart, Lady Fingers.

The Addams Family musical is one of the most performed musicals in American high schools.

Originally Uncle Fester was related to Morticia before he became known as Gomez’s brother in later installments of Addams Family movies.



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