The Legend of Longwood

This joint Irish/German/Netherlands production centres around a girl called Mickey Miller, played by Lucy Morton (you may remember Lucy from Planet Interview in last month’s issue), a 12 year old New Yorker who moves to a windswept town in Ireland called Longwood. This move coincides with the return of the mysterious 300 year old legend, The Black Knight, that regularly haunts the sleepy Irish village. Mickey and her new friend Sean, played by Irish actor Lorcan Bonner, with the help of a wild stallion called Silver, set out to redeem the knight.

In doing so, she must save a herd of white horses and forever thwart the plans of a greedy, evil woman. A beautiful production full of intrigue and the best of up and coming Irish and European acting talent, The Legend of Longwood is a cert to excite you this autumn.


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