Trailer Test Time #1

Each week we present a trailer for you to watch ... very closely. Why? Because we're going to Trailer Test Time you, of course! After watching the trailer, we challenge you to answering 5 trailer-tricky questions. 

Join back the following week to see if you made our Trailer Test Time Titan List!

OK, enough of the allitoration. Here's today's trailer, and here's today's questions:

1. Complete this line: We love music that makes you want to ______ _______ _______ !'

2. Justin Timberlake plays the part of __________ ?

3. Trolls ancestors created 6 ________ -- all each for a different type of music. 

4. What song was a 'crime against music'?

5. Complete this nugget of wisdom from the trailer: 'All our differences make the world a _________ _________'

6. Who is going to turn all the trolls into rock-zombies?

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