A Problem Shared - Decision Time!

Hi Clare,

It’s a great opportunity you’ve been offered and I’m guessing your parents have given you permission to go with your friend and are happy for you to make this decision yourself. But even so, it’s still a tough choice for you.

It’s important to realise that people often act impulsively when making a decision, without giving it more than a moment’s thought. This can be okay in certain circumstances, but clearly that’s not an option here and you need to think this through, weighing up the pros and cons in the process.

You’re already on the right track by recognising your choices, though. ‘Should I go on the trip with my friend or the one with my family?’ Now, you need to work out the outcomes of your choice – Will your family’s feelings be hurt? Will you have the experience of a lifetime? Will you be homesick? etc.

You might not have all the answers yourself, so gather some information before you make your mind up.  Ask your parents how they feel about you missing the family break, if that’s what’s bothering you.  Find out about the type of food you’ll be eating in France if you’re nervous about that. And if you’ve never been away from home without your family before, ask yourself how you’ll cope with that.

Once you have all the facts in front of you, it becomes much easier to make a decision. But remember, we can learn as much by making the wrong decision as we can by making the right one – the important thing is to think it through before making your mind up.

I hope that helps and let us know how you get on – whether you choose Kerry or Paris!

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