Budget 2018

In Have Your Say, we want to get you talking. Actually, more than talking, we want to get you discussing, thinking and arguing (but in a productive manner), so that you can air your views on matters of the world. And if you don’t have views on such matters, now is the time to start. Have your say! 

This month’s topic: Budget 2018

Some statements to think about:

    The public should have more of a say in how the budget  is planned.
    A sugar tax will not stop anyone from eating and drinking healthier.
    Build more houses and give them to people for free.
    Build new hospitals to cater for all the people waiting on trolleys.

In class groups, or in pairs, discuss the above statements and see how you feel about the budget and how it is planned. Have your say about how, if you were in charge, the budget would be planned. 

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