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Hi Jack,

That’s really tough for you and I’m sorry to hear that your brother won’t be home for Christmas - I’m sure your parents will really miss him too.   

Lots of people have to travel abroad for work and although it can be hard for the families and friends they leave behind, it’s usually a great experience for them - they get to be part of an entirely different culture, see parts of the world they may never have seen before, and often they learn new skills which will benefit them in their future careers.  So, from your brother’s point of view, this is probably a really exciting time for him and I’m sure he’d hate to think that it was making you unhappy.

Your brother will probably be really lonely at Christmas too, away from his home and his family, so perhaps you can do something to help HIM feel better?  

Often, if we’re helping other people, we forget about our own problems.  Could you organise a special Skype call on Christmas Day, with all the family taking part (including pets!), and where you could all open your presents at the same time?  That way, it might feel like your brother was still part of the family Christmas celebrations.  If you have a smartphone you could even have a special Christmas Whatsapp family group where you all put in various Christmassy photos, such as the Christmas lights in your local town, and your own Christmas tree. These things will all help to make your brother feel like he’s still a part of his family’s Christmas.  

If not, you could email him every day in the run up to Christmas, sending him pictures of what’s happening at home, and maybe ask him to send you pictures of Christmas in his local town?

Let us know how it goes, and have a lovely Christmas from all of us here at TPP

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