Based on stories from this month's edition, we want you to think about some of the issues that may arise from them and have your say. Remember, when you are trying to put forward an opinion, or an argument, make sure you know your facts and figures and be clear in how you feel about a certain topic and why. Here are some questions and statements you and your class might like to consider thinking about and discussing. 

  1. Should we be honouring someone who has spent time in prison, such as Countess Countess Markievicz? Is it possible for someone who has spent time in prison to be a positive role model for others?
  2. Should a person be allowed to run for a second term as president of Ireland, or is seven years long enough for anyone? Perhaps one term is even too long?
  3. Is it right that American taxpayers should foot the bill for someone's mistake from over 50 years ago? And is it important that the name is corrected? Will it make any difference in reality?
  4. The advantages of building and operating a new airport in the midlands far outweighs the disadvantages. Discuss. 
  5. The Irish language should not be granted special status in the North of Ireland. In fact, it should not be compulsory to learn Irish in schools throughout Ireland - it's too hard to learn anyway. What do you think?
  6. Only one Irish man has won the Dublin City Marathon in the last 23 years. Should we only allow Irish people to compete from now on? That way, we will have an Irish winner every year.

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