Today's Just-2-Minute Quiz (April 20)

Right, before anyone asks you to do anything, be ready to shout: IN TWO MINUTES! As that's how long it will take you to complete this, we're thinking. OK, enough of the intro, we want answers ... NOW!

Ready. Set. Go! 

1. What nationality was children's writer Roald Dahl?

2. Name the Irish singer/songwriter who had hit with 'This Town' and 'Slow Hands'.

3. What R is the word for what you see in a mirror or shiny surface?

4. Blue and Minke are types of what sea mammal?

5. What is the 5th consonant of the alphabet?

6. What is the Irish word for 'mistake'?

7. How many continent begins with the letter A?

8. Who is the current leader of the Fine Gael party?

9. Silk worms turn into what type of creature?

10. A badger's home is called a sett or a lair?

Right, imagine the comment box is now your ANSWER BOX. Get typing -- we'll pop up the brainboxes and their answers tomorrow.

Send this, share it, get your mum, dad, brother or sister to do it! Quiz time is fun time ... and bragging time if you beat the rest! 

Answers to last Quiz 

1. North America
2. Calf
3. Mont Blanc
4. King
5. Illustrator
7. Snooker
8. Back of a book
9. River Lee
10. Danish 

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