Problem of the Month - Fitting In!

Hi Kasja,

Wow! Your English is great after only one year!  Imagine how good it’s going to be by this time next year.  I’m sure some of your primary school friends will be going to the same school as you, so you’ll find there are lots of friendly faces, and a smile is a great way to introduce yourself.

Schools in Ireland are used to welcoming students from different countries and your new teachers will make sure that you’re not left out of anything, as well as taking the time to help you understand what is expected of you in class.

You have the whole summer ahead of you now, so you’ve got lots of time to learn new words and phrases to help you when you move to your new school in September.  There are lots of online language apps – why not try something like Memrise or Duolingo to help improve your English?

It’s also important to use the new words you learn so that you feel comfortable saying them out loud.  One idea could be to ask your primary school friends to meet up regularly during the summer so that you can chat with them in English and ask them to help you with any difficult words. In fact, one of the easiest ways to learn is when you’re having fun doing it!

Make an effort to speak English wherever you go – to the shops, the cinema, when you meet someone new – there are lots of chances to practise, and don’t be afraid to make mistakes!

Good luck with moving to Secondary School in September.


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