This Week's Homework Club Prize

When you take part in ANY of our Homework Club activities, and enter your answers, your name and an email address in the comment box provided, you get entered into the Friday Prize Draw. Last term we gave away a €25 online voucher each week. But this Term, do you fancy something different? I've listed a few options below. Have a read and see which one you would rather. The option that gets the most votes will become this week's prize. I would invite you to put your own suggestions in the comment box but ... well, I can imagine there would be a few PS5 requests, or maybe a brand-new iPhone 12 .... and well, frankly, I'm broke -- so that wouldn't work! Vote now, and listen in Friday Jan 15th to see if you are this week's winner! 

Don't forget -- if you would like me to give a shout out to anyone during the Friday Answer Podcast, drop me an email or pop it into a comment box. 

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