Today's Just-2-Minutes Quiz #4

Right, before anyone asks you to do anything, be ready to shout: IN TWO MINUTES! As that's how long it will take you to complete this, we're thinking. OK, enough of the intro, we want answers ... NOW!

Ready. Set. Go! 

1. In what county will you find the Carrick-a-Rede Rope Bridge?

2. Complete this 1939 movie title: Gone With the _______ 

3. What is the Irish word for 'health'?

4. The terms mouth, source and basin all refer to what geographical feature?

5. Name Ireland's largest lake. 

6. This country's flag is a tricolour, blue, white and red. 

7. The aurora borealis are known as the ________ lights. 

8. Bart Simpson's dog is called ______ ______ _______ . 

9. If you mix blue and yellow you get this colour. 

10. This sport involves an oche and much addition and subtraction, not to mention a trio of sharp objects. 

Right, imagine the comment box is now your ANSWER BOX. Get typing -- we'll pop up the brainboxes and their answers tomorrow. 

Send this, share it, get your mum, dad, brother or sister to do it! Quiz time is fun time ... and bragging time if you beat the rest! 

Well done to Paul and Faye Lenehan who answered all of Friday's questions correctly!

Answers to Friday's Quiz:

1) Snickers
2) Sun
3) 1 in 6
4) 4
5) $/€ 200
6) Shallow
7) USA
8) Dopey, Sneezy, Bashful, Doc, Happy, Grumpy and Sleepy
9) Snooker
10) Drawing/painting/art/placing your canvas on 

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