True or False? #2

OK, guys. This activitiy is designed to get you thinking and making a decision. Hey, you have a 50% chance of making the right one, so how hard can it be!

Right, very simple. We give you a number of statements. You must decide whether they are true or false.

Here goes ...

  1. Owls are afraid of snakes.
  2. In the Super Mario Bros video game, Mario hits the blocks with his head.
  3. By listening to water being poured into a cup, you can tell whether it is hot or cold.
  4. An elephant’s trunk is one great big muscle.
  5. You can’t hum when you hold your nose tight!

Log your answers in the comment box below and, if you have time, add you own TRUE or FALSE question for other readers (and myself) to mull over. 

This Week's answers:

1.          FALSE! Many owls eat snakes. Would you believe, the Texas Screech owl keeps tiny snakes in its nest to help keep it clean and free from bugs and parasites!

2.          FALSE! Watch carefully and you will see Mario hits the blocks with a raised fist, not his head!

3.          TRUE! The viscosity (thickness) of water differs between hot and cold. It is thicker when cold, thinner when hot and, believe it or not, can be easily told apart.

4.          FALSE! An elephant’s trunk is made up of over 40,000 muscles. A human body has less than 850!

5.          TRUE! And I bet you’ve tried it already!

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