True or False? You decide!

OK, guys. This activitiy is designed to get you thinking and making a decision. Hey, you have a 50% chance of making the right one, so how hard can it be!

Right, very simple. We give you a number of statements. You must decide whether they are true or false.

Here goes ...

1. Snails never sleep. TRUE or FALSE?

2. Leitrim has no coastline. TRUE or FALSE?

3. The largest living organism in the world is a blue whale. TRUE or FALSE?

4. Giraffe's cannot walk backwards. TRUE or FALSE?

5. When a donkey and a zebra have a baby, it is called a 'zonkey'. TRUE or FALSE?

Log your answers in the comment box below and, if you have time, add you own TRUE or FALSE question for other readers (and myself) to mull over. 

Come back in a few days to check the answers! 

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