This Week's Survey, May 25

Right lads, I am NEVER asking you about food again! I had my lunch eaten by 10a.m. every monring as I drooled over your mum's homemade burgers, sizzling fajitas, grills for lunch and chicken burgers and chips! So, no, never again :D Had great fun reading them though -- it really was food for thought! Groan! 

OK, so this week, we want to know you favourite page or feature in the May issue. This is the final week of May so we are assuming you will have read it all by now. June issue is out next week, so let us know what you loved about this month's TPP. 

P.S. If there is anything else you think we shoud know about May's TPP, or any one, for that matter, type it into the comment box below :)

Favourite Page in May Issue

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