Hello, everyone, and welcome to this week's NEWS FLASH HOMEWORK CLUB! 

Ok, so, for those of you who are new to this, it's quite simple -- below are your four activites for the week. One is audio (the weekly quiz), while the other two involve reading and writing. You can do one, do some, or do all. It's really up to you -- especially if your teacher has not given you a list. They won't take too long, and you will be able to find out how you did every Friday, when we post the answers in an audio post - just like the quiz - from 9 A.M. onwards. 

So, click on the pictures below to access the activities ... and enjoy!


Click on the button below to listen to this week's quiz. A mixture of general knowledge, maths, history, science, geography and music. 


Click on the button below to listen to this week's MUSIC quiz. 10 hits -- we're looking for the name of the artiste OR the name of the song!


Read through the words in the orange box first and make sure you understand them. Then, read through the article. Make sure you think about the best place to put a word, not the first place. Careful as you go, as some words may fit in more than one place,  
while other words will only suit one.  


The minke ___________ is the second smallest member of the baleen whale __________ – the pygmy right whale is the smallest. 

Although minke whales are the most common of baleen whales, they live much shorter ___________ than others. 

Where a minke whale can ____________ to live for 30-50 years or so, species such as the blue whale and the _____________ whale can live for over 100 years. 

There are two types of minke whales – the common minke (found in the northern hemisphere) and the Antarctic minke whale ( _____________ in the southern hemisphere). 

Minke whales are very _____________ creatures. They like to swim around ships and come close to people.

The killer whale (orca) is a minke whale's only ____________ in the ocean. 


In Find the Words, we give you the meaning of the word we need you to find in this month's News Flash. We also tell you the page where it can be found. You just need to make sure the meaning we give matches the word you give. Simple, right?


How well have you read this month's paper? Here, in Question Time, we test your memory and reading skills. We base all our questions from this activity on your news section, pages 3 and 4. 

1.    Aoife Ní Niocaill comes from this county?

2.    On what bay is Llanrhystud beach?

3.    In which Irish county is Naas?

4.    What does a seismologist study?

5.    In which Irish county is Crosshaven?

6.    Paul Sweeney works as a __________.

7.    What breed of dog is Billy?

8.    Where was the Cookie Monster agate found?

9.    Cairns is in which Australian state?

10.    What is Edward Bokum’s occupation?

Click on the button below to download and print the worksheets for these activities. 

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