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Ok, so, for those of you who are new to this, it's quite simple -- below are your four activites for the week. One is audio (the weekly quiz), while the other two involve reading and writing. You can do one, do some, or do all. It's really up to you -- especially if your teacher has not given you a list. They won't take too long, and you will be able to find out how you did every Friday, when we post the answers in an audio post - just like the quiz - from 9 A.M. onwards. 

So, click on the pictures below to access the activities ... and enjoy!


Click on the button below to listen to this week's quiz. A mixture of general knowledge, maths, history, science, geography and music. 


Click on the button below to listen to this week's TPP music quiz. 10 songs - we're looking for the name of the song or the singers 



Read through the words in the orange box first and make sure you understand them. Then, read through the article. Make sure you think about the best place to put a word, not the first place. Careful as you go, as some words may fit in more than one place,  
while other words will only suit one.  


Born in Oxford, England, on January 8, 1942, Stephen Hawking grew up in a __________ educated family. 

After studying physics and chemistry at Oxford University, Stephen went on to Cambridge to become a doctor of science. 

In 1963, ____________ discovered that Hawking had a ___________ called Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis, or ALS for short. 

The doctors informed Hawking, aged just 21 at the time, that he would only have a few ___________ left to live. 

___________ this, Stephen continued his studies and researched black holes and space-time theories. In 1988, he published his __________  successful book, A Brief History of Time. 

The ___________  became very popular and sold millions of copies. 

On ___________ 13, 2018, Stephen Hawking died, aged 76.   


In this month’s Editing Activity, we need you to find the 8 incorrect spellings. When you do, in your best handwriting, see if you can write them correctly in the box below.  

QUIZ 24! 

How well have you read this month's paper? This month's 24-quiz is based on the 24 pages of News Flash. E.g. The answer to Q.7 can be found on page 7.

1.    Strange World is on this page.
2.    The Great Wall of _______ is pictured on this page.
3.    On what continent is the Larsen C ice shelf?
4.    December 21 is called the winter __________.
5.    Edinburgh is the capital city of which country?
6.    It was called the wooden ox in Ancient China.
7.    In what year was the Terracotta Army discovered?
8.    An triú (3rd) mí.
9.    The Book of Genesis is a book in the __________.
10.    The ‘Manhattan of the Desert’.
11.    Consolata __________ is a famous costume designer.
12.    Yuri ________ was the first person to fly into outer space.
13.    2021 is the Chinese Year of the __________.
14.    The 1896 Olympic Games were held in this city.
15.    Gratitude turns what we have into __________.
16.    What is the fifth word in ‘Crack the Code’?
17.    Two animals pictured on this page – polar bear and _______.
18.    What is a male zebra called?
19.    How tall is the Eiffel Tower?
20.    New South Wales is a state in __________?
21.    The world record for the 100m sprint is _____ seconds.
22.    Women’s National League winners in 2020.
23.    What is Denise Gaule’s sport?
24.    What is the number on the Dublin captain’s jersey?

Click on the button below to download and print the worksheets for these activities. 

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