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Ok, so, for those of you who are new to this, it's quite simple -- below are your four activites for the week. One is audio (the weekly quiz), while the other two involve reading and writing. You can do one, do some, or do all. It's really up to you -- especially if your teacher has not given you a list. They won't take too long, and you will be able to find out how you did every Friday, when we post the answers in an audio post - just like the quiz - from 9 A.M. onwards. 

So, click on the pictures below to access the activities ... and enjoy!


Click on the button below to listen to this week's quiz. A mixture of general knowledge, maths, history, science, geography and music. 


Click on the button below to listen to this week's TPP music quiz. 10 songs - we're looking for the name of the song or the singers 



Read through the words in the orange box first and make sure you understand them. Then, read through the article. Make sure you think about the best place to put a word, not the first place. Careful as you go, as some words may fit in more than one place,  
while other words will only suit one.  


Joan of Arc was born to a peasant ___________ in the northeast of France on Jan 9, 1412.

From the __________  of 12, she began to have visions and hear voices encouraging her to lead the French armies __________ the English. 

She believed her visions were from __________. 

After much persuasion, the ___________ king of France, Charles VII, decided to allow her to ___________ the army. 

At the age of 17, Joan led the ___________  forces to victory. 

In 1431, Joan was __________ by enemies of the king and handed over to the English. 

She was sentenced to death by a Church court and burned at the stake. 

In 1920, she was declared a saint  by the Catholic Church and canonised.


In this month’s Editing Activity, we need you to find the 8 incorrect spellings. When you do, in your best handwriting, see if you can write them correctly in the box below.  


The Olimpic Games may be traced back to 776 BC. 

They were dedicated to the Greek gods and were stadged on the ancient plains of Olympia.

They continued until 393 AD, a time when many pagan practices were band by the Roman Emperor Theodisius 1, who ruled Greece at the time. 

In 1896, Frenchman Pierre de Coubertin revived the games and the first Modurn Olympics was held in Athens. 

Rio de Janeiro hostd the 2016 Olympics and Tokyo is now getting raedy to stage the 2020 event in July ’21! 

The Games will begen on Friday, July 23, and end on Sunday, August 8, during witch time 206 nations will compete in 339 events. 


How well have you read this month's paper? Here, in Question Time, as well as testing your memory and retention skills, we also test your imagination and creative skills. We base this activity on our news section, pages 3 and 4. 

1.    Read the article ‘Chilean President Fined’. Do you think President Pinera deserved to be fined? Why do you think so?

2.    Read the article ‘Neighbours to the Rescue’. Write out five questions you would ask Tom Hill about what happened.

3.    Read the article ‘Iceberg S.O.S’. Write out five facts you have learned from this article.

4.    Read the article ‘Sean-Nós Dancing Zoom Style’. Write two reasons why the sean-nós Zoom classes are so popular.

5.    Read the article ‘Newgrange Online’. Write ten facts you have learned from the article.

6.    Read the article ‘Newgrange Online’. Write a short email to the OPW asking to be allowed visit Newgrange during the winter solstice in 2021.

7.    Read the article ‘Neighbours to the Rescue’. Design a ‘Thank You’ card for any of the people who helped repair Tom’s house.

8.    Read the article ‘Iceberg S.O.S’. Use your research skills to find and write five facts about penguins.

9.    Read the article ‘Chilean President Fined’. You have a pen pal in Chile. Write an email to your pen pal telling them ten things about you.

10.    What is your favourite news article in this month’s News Flash? Why?

Click on the button below to download and print the worksheets for these activities. 

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