Long Term Plans 2018/19

Monthly Themes TPP:


#74 September – Dates for the Diary (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#75 October – Maths Week (Curriculum Links: Maths/Science)

#76 November – Presidential Special (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#77 December – Christmas Creative Writing Corner (Curriculum Links: English)

#78 January – 2018: A Review (Curriculum Links: History/English)

#79 February – Safer Internet Day (Curriculum Links: SPHE)

#80 March – International Women’s Day (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#81 April – International Day of Human Space Flight (Curriculum Links: History/Science)

#82 May – Brexit Special (Curriculum Links: History/SPHE)

#83 June- Summer Special Issue (Curriculum Links: SPHE/English)

Long Term Plans Available for TPP:

Page 1/20/21/22: Features Yearly Plan

Page 26: Planet STEM Termly Plan

Page 28: Planet Places Yearly Plan

Page 30, 31: Writing Corner

Page 8: Planet History Termly Plan

Coming soon

Page 25: Planet Wildlife Yearly Plan 

Coming soon

Page 29: Planet Wellbeing Termly Plan 

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Monthly Themes News Flash:

#26 SeptemberPirates Special (Curriculum Links: History)

#27 OctoberWorld Food Day (Curriculum Links: Science/SPHE)

#28 NovemberScience Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#29 DecemberHistory of Toys (Curriculum Links: History)

#30 January2019 New Year Special (Curriculum Links: History/Language)

#31 February Engineers Week (Curriculum Links: Science/Maths)

#32 MarchWorld Book Day (Curriculum Links: History/Language)

#33 AprilTitanic Special (Curriculum Links: History)

#34 MayWorld Museum Day (Curriculum Links: History)

#35 JuneThe Secret Life of Beaches (Curriculum Links: Science)


Long Term Plans Available for News Flash:


Page 1/20/21/22: Features Yearly Plan

All other yearly plans available from August 10th 

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