Maths Story Time (June 18)

Read this week's Maths Story and see if you can solve the problems below. This is not a quick-fire maths activity, so take your time, have a working-out sheet beside you and adopt the RUDES approach: 

1.    READ carefully
2.    UNDERLINE (key words)
3.    DRAW a diagram if you need to. This often helps.
4.    ESTIMATE your answer
5.    SOLVE the problem.


Belgian breeder Joël Verschoot, put a racing pigeon called Armando up for sale on the pigeon auction site PIPA recently. 

Armando was sold for €1.25 million. The figure made him the most valuable bird ever sold in an online auction, according to PIPA. The sale smashed the previous record price of €376,000, which was paid for a pigeon called New Vixen in November 2018.

Nikolaas Gyselbrecht, the founder of PIPA, said: ‘This pigeon has a race record that has never been matched by any other pigeon. In football terms you have Messi and Ronaldo – it's that level.’

Armando attracted bids from countries around the world, including the United States, South Africa and Belgium. However, the price was pushed up by two Chinese bidders in the final hour of the auction. The sport of pigeon racing has boomed in China in recent years, and there are at least 100,000 pigeon breeders in Beijing alone.

Armando is now retired from racing and his new owners are hoping that his sons and daughters will be as good as he was. Seven of his chicks were sold recently and were bought by buyers in Belgium, Turkey, Germany, The Netherlands, and China. 

Racing pigeons are usually bought for around €2,500, but it seems the sky is the limit for top class birds like Armando.


1.    Joël Verschoot had 243 pigeons in his loft. If 184 pigeons were sold, how many were left?

2.    A bag of pigeon feed costs €2.30. How much did Joël pay for 8 bags?

3.    How much change did Joël get from a €20 note when he paid for the 8 bags of pigeon feed?

4.    Armando flies at an average speed of 10 kilometres per hour (km/h). How long did it take him to travel a distance of 80km?

5.    On a race day, Armando was released at 7.30 a.m. and arrived home three hours and forty-five minutes later. At what time did he arrive home?

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