Maths Story Time (May 14)

Read this week's Maths Story and see if you can solve the problems below. This is not a quick-fire maths activity, so take your time, have a working-out sheet beside you and adopt the RUDES approach:

1.    READ carefully
2.    UNDERLINE (key words)
3.    DRAW a diagram if you need to. This often helps.
4.    ESTIMATE your answer
5.    SOLVE the problem

You can write your answers into the comment box or click here to download and print the worksheet. 


Rocco, a Staffordshire bull terrier, was taken into the Glasgow Shamrock Street Pet Hospital last month when his owners became worried after he had started vomiting.

An X-ray of Rocco’s stomach showed that he had swallowed a large rectangular object, which turned out to be a Nintendo DS video-game cartridge! 

Luckily, the vets were able to remove it with surgery and Rocco was able to go home to his family the very next day!

Although Rocco recovered really quickly, he could have died without the help of the vets.

This shows how important it is to be careful with your pet.

Make sure you only feed them what they are supposed to eat … and best if you keep them away from your devices!


1.    If Rocco was born on July 1, 2011, what age (in years) is he now (May 14, 2020)?
2.    Rocco's owner has a collection of 96 Nintendo DS games. If each one cost him €22, how much did his whole collection cost?
3.    Rocco's vet lives 13 and 1/2 kilometres away. If there are 1000m in 1 km, how many metres is it from Rocco's to the vets?
4.    Dog food costs €25 per 5kg bag. If Rocco's owner spends €75 per month, how kilogrammes of dog food does Rocco eat in the month?
5.    Rocco's visit to the vet should have cost a total of €57.50. He was so good, however, the vet only charged half price. How much did Rocco's owner end up paying?

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