Maths Story Time (May 21)

Read this week's Maths Story and see if you can solve the problems below. This is not a quick-fire maths activity, so take your time, have a working-out sheet beside you and adopt the RUDES approach:

1.    READ carefully
2.    UNDERLINE (key words)
3.    DRAW a diagram if you need to. This often helps.
4.    ESTIMATE your answer
5.    SOLVE the problem

You can write your answers into the comment box or


A red panda called Amber which escaped from Belfast Zoo was found the following day. She was discovered safe and sound in Newtownabbey, about a kilometre away from her enclosure.

Zoo manager, Alyn Cairns thanked all involved in the search for the missing red panda.

‘We received several calls from local residents who reported sightings which helped the search team to track its location,’ he said.

Mr Cairns added that staff had discovered ‘a power fault’ in an electric fence shortly after Amber went missing.

Amber and her sister Autumn were born at Belfast Zoo last June.

Their dad Chris was brought from Beekse Bergen Safari Park in the Netherlands and mum Vixen came from Dresden Zoo in Germany.

They are now almost fully grown and are about the size of a cat.


1.    Amber weighs 4.9kg Autumn is 1.6kg heavier than Amber. What is their total weight?
2.    Tickets to visit Belfast Zoo cost €12.50 each for adults and €6.25 each for children. How much would a family of two adults and three children pay for a visit?
3.    Alyn Cairns left home at 7.35 a.m. and arrived at Belfast Zoo at 9.10 a.m. How long did his journey take?
4.    The electrician who fixed the faulty electric fence charges €23.50 an hour. How much did he charge if the job took three and a half hours?
5.    Belfast Zoo had 6,748 visitors one week. If three less than half were male, how many were female?

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