May Magic Poems

We want your poems -- long, short, exciting, sad, fun, scary, unbelievable, thrilling ... so we can share them with all our News Flash readers.

Today's theme: Magic of May

This week's challenge is to compose (write) a poem about the month of May. It might be about the things you see in nature, it could be the weather, or even something you celebrate this month.

What to do:

1. You can type your poem in the comment box below.

2. Click here to download your poetry worksheet 

3. Ask your parents to help you send your stories to

Here's one we wrote:


I love every day

In my favourite month of May

I love seeing the grass sway

Soon it will become fresh hay


Bees now buzz 

And flowers bloom

But not just that

My birthday's soon.


May Day, May Day

I love this time,

When butterflies appear

In the warm sunshine!

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