NF HOMEWORK CLUB WEEK #3 (Sept 28-Oct 02)

Hello, everyone, and welcome to Week 3 of the NEWS FLASH HOMEWORK CLUB! 

Ok, so, for those of you who are new to this, it's quite simple -- below are your five activites for the week. Two are audio (quiz and mental maths challenge), while the other three involve reading and writing. You can do one, do some, or do all. It's really up to you -- especially if your teacher has not given you a list. They won't take too long, and you will be able to find out how you did every Friday, when we post the answers in an audio post - just like the quiz and maths challenge - from 9 A.M. onwards. 

So, click on the pictures below to access the activities ... and enjoy!


Click on the picture to hear this week's quiz. 


Click on the picture to take this week's maths challenge



In this month’s Editing Activity, we need you to find the 8 incorrect spellings


Iarnród Éireann have placed a paino in Pearse Station, and they would like passangers to play it while they are waiting for their train.

The public piano was John Murphy’s idea. He is a piano tooner and bought an old piano online. 

Waterford artist Sarah Edmondson painted an underwater seen, which includes a gaint octopus, on the piano.

‘We are delightd to work with John Murphy to bring this piano to Pearse Station.

It will be a great amenity for our customers and I’d incourage as many of them as possible to give us a tune,’ Pearse Station Manager, Mick O’Grady, siad.

So, if you are in the station, feel free to have a go!



Read through the words at the top first and make sure you understand them. Then, read through the article. Make sure you think about the best place to put a word, not the first place. Careful as you go, as some words may fit in more than one place,  
while other words will only suit one.    


bicycles       taught      exercitse     overweight     active       safely       outside       Instructors       

Everyone knows that ______________ is a very important part of our lives. And everyone knows that the more exercise you do, the less likely you are to become  _____________ and unhealthy. 

In fact, exercise is so important it is _____________ in schools from Junior Infants right up until Leaving Cert. 

Fitness _____________  are people who train to become experts in exercise. They study the effects that exercise can have on people and teach us how to exercise and move _______________. 

They learn about all the different movements and drills that target different parts of the body and they encourage people to keep ______________. 

Fitness instructors can work anywhere – in their own homes, in halls, in classrooms, in gyms – even ________________ in the open air. 

When a fitness instructor takes a class of people, they can use music to exercise to, they can use ______________  that don’t move from the spot, they can use weights to build up strength, or they can use a mixture of equipment and exercises, which is sometimes called ‘circuit training’.

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