NF Mental Maths Time

OK, guys, you gotta listen up! No, seriously -- you actually have to listen for this one. But before you click on the pic, get yourselves a pen and a piece of paper. Number 1-10 down the page so you don't waste time during the test ... er, I mean, activity! :D 

When you click on the sound button below, you will hear 10 mental maths questions read aloud. You write down the answers as quickly (and correctly) as you can! 

If we are going too fast for you, just play it again, and again, until you get all completed. We'll reveal the answers tomorrow, before we begin the next one. Ready?


We'll be back tomorrow with the answers. In the meantime, you can post them here in the comment box and we'll correct them, or ...

Here are some previous challenges:

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