Question Time, May 18

How well have you read this month's paper? Here, in Question Time, as well as testing your memory and retention skills, we also test your imagination and creative skills. We base this activity on the Florence Nightingale feature. 

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1.           In which country was Florence Nightingale born?

2.           Crimea is a peninsula on the coast of which sea?

3.           What did Florence call the military hospital in Scutari, in Turkey?

4.           What disease did Florence contract at the hospital in Scutari?

5.           Which famous engineer designed Renkioi Hospital in Turkey?

6.           What was the brooch that Queen Victoria gave to Florence called?

7.           In what year was Florence awarded the Royal Red Cross?

8.           Who was America’s first trained nurse?

9.           On what date is International Nurses Day celebrated?

10.        Florence Nightingale was known as ‘The ________ of the Crimea’.

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