Question Time, May 11

How well have you read this month's paper? Here, in Question Time, as well as testing your memory and retention skills, we also test your imagination and creative skills. We base this activity on the news pages, page 4, 5, 6 and 14.

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  1. Name three German cities mentioned in this month’s News Round.
  2. What happened in Ebbw Vale, in South Wales, during the lockdown?
  3. What amazing idea did young Dylan Moran come up with?
  4. How long were Spanish children kept indoors for due to COVID-19?
  5. What beautiful idea did Jodi come up with?
  6. What was so unusual about Agnieszka Marsh’s latest wedding shoot?
  7. What did Pickle the dog’s owner do to distract the worried pet?
  8. What is one of the most important ways of avoiding infectious diseases?
  9. Bored with life under lockdown, what did Kristen Vogler resort to for fun?
  10. List your favourite three fact about penguins?

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