News Flash April 6 Activities

Hello, News Flashers! And welcome to your daily activties hub. Here, we bring you fun exercises, activities, puzzles and fun challenges to keep you busy and your brain fit while schools remain closed. Feel free to send us in your news, book reviews, short stories, poems, drawings, and anything else you can think of. We'll pop them up in this new section -- just for you, -- so you can share with your family and friends. 

Before you get started, here's some useful information:

What you need:

a) A computer ... so you can read this! 

b) This month's online NF mag. You can read it here

c) A printer for printing off worksheets for some of the activities

Today's activties:

1. Write a book review. 

You can use our template by clicking here, or email your review to

2. Spot the Difference

Click here to view the sheet. No need to print it. 

3. Spelling Disaster

Click here to view the sheet. No need to print it. 

4. Quiz Time

Here, we ask you questions -- some really tricky. But don't worry -- the answers can all be found in your mag. And ... wait for it ... we even give you the page numbers to help! Hey, that's what friends are for! You can pop the answers, numbered 1 - 6 in the comment box below. We'll let you know how many you get right! 

  1. On what date is World Health Day 2020?
  2. On what page may you read about the Dancing House?
  3. In which Irish county is Ballyshannon?
  4. What is the Japanese word for ‘flower viewing’?
  5. Where were the 1960 Olympic Games held?
  6. Hans Christian Andersen died in this city.

You can use the comment box below to write your answers into. You WILL need your parents' or guardians' permission (and email address). Please ask now before you continue.  

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