Word Work Time

This week's word workout activity challenges you to find words throughout the magazine that match the definitions provided. The clues give you the page number, a description of the word, the first letter and the number of letters in the word. Sure, we nearly have it done for you! :) 


This week’s word work activity is in the form of a crossword. Read the clues and insert the correct words in the grid. All answers can be found in your April issue of News Flash.

Click here to download and print the crossword.

If you don't have access to a printer, you can list your answers 1-12 in the comment box provided. 

  1. The light-producing organ at the end of the gulper eel’s tail. (10) This rare stork is to be found in Zambia. (8)
  2. What is the Malay word for ‘kick’? (6)
  3. In which Irish county is Ballyshannon? (7)
  4. Who discovered vaccination? Dr Edward _______ (6)
  5. What is the Japanese word for ‘flower viewing’? (6)
  6. Hans Christian Andersen died in this city. (10)
  7. In what month is World Health Day 2020 (5)
  8. Where were the 1960 Olympic Games held? (4)
  9. Who is the famous PA in the James Bond films? Miss _______ (10) Which country are the world champions in rugby? (5,6)
  10. What river flows through Prague? (6)
  11. What colour are the flowers of the wild garlic plant? (5)
  12. Hamburg, New York, is beside which lake? (4)

This week’s word work activity is all about choosing the right synonym (another word that means the same) taken from April's issue of News Flash. You choose the right word, and call back next week to see if you got the correct answer! 

List your answers 1-8 in the comment box provided or click here to download and print an answersheet.

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