Nike Crisp

6 March 2015 | Posted under Extra News

A 22-year-old English man thinks he's popped a real money-spinner after advertising a Lidl Crusti Croc crisp for sale on ebay.

 The otherwise normal crisp captured the eater's attention because it has the shape of the Nike “swoosh” logo in it.

 “I was having some crisps after work one day when I saw it, one of the last crisps in the packet, and thought: That's odd!” said the seller, known only as Rob from Brighton.

 Eager to share his discovery, Rob took to eBay and started inviting bids from around the world! But when he didn't quite get the reaction he was expecting, he announced that any profit would be donated to charity.

 This classy touch has seen the Nike Crisp sold for over €28. Not bad. For a crisp!

 “I will post with the greatest of care in order to preserve the crisp itself,” promised Rob.

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