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Spot Seamie this October in Issue 125

Spot Seamie this October in Issue 125

The Primary Planet would simply not be the same without Seamie? You may wonder why he keeps coming back, year after year, even though he has yet to beat you? Well, the fun is the searching – for him as well as for you. So, this season, you better bring your A game. Seamie is going small and sneaky on a level not seen before. 

If you manage to unearth Seamie this month, leave the location, along with your name and school details in the comment box provided below. If you are correct, you will get entered into a draw for a super-cool O’Neills GAA county jersey of your choice. Don’t worry if you don’t see your entry on the website. We’ll be hiding it from those who cannot spot him.

 Closing date for this month’s entries is the 24th. Best of luck! 




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