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NF Find the Words (April 19-23)

In Find the Words, we give you the meaning of the word we need you to find in this month's News Flash. We also tell you the page where it can be found. You just need to make sure the meaning we give matches the word you give. Simple, right?

Page 5
Taken over by, usually an army. 7 letters, first letter i
Page 3
Unusual, not seen that often. 4 letters, first letter r
Page 5
A chocolate bar that shares its name with a planet in the solar system. 4 letters, first letter m
Page 9
A country in the Middle East. 11 letters, first letter A
Page 14
A story in a newspaper. 8 letters, first letter a
Page 18
Minded it, made sure no harm came to it. 9 letters, first letter p




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