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APRIL 2024 -- ISSUE #131

Welcome back, TPPers! 

We hope you had a great Easter break and are fully refreshed and raring to face the final term. It only seems like weeks since we began the 23/24 season and yet here we are sharing in the third-last last issue of this school year. 

For those of you who have been with us a long time, you’ll know that we are passionate about our environment and believe greatly in the power of many. So, this month we’re showcasing the great work that is happening around the world when it comes to protecting our planet and leaving aside all negativity and scaremongering. You will see that when it comes to our global home, there is much to be proud of and even more to be hopeful for. 

For all you sports fans out there – and we know there are many of you – check out Tony’s review of the Six Nations and the heroic actions of our men in green. 2024 will be remembered for decades to come as a year to remember in the world of rugby - and you can proudly say – shoulder to shoulder- that you were part of it.

Before I let you off to read, let me remind you: if you have something to share with us – maybe you have read a brilliant book, penned a class story, or done something remarkable in your school of late – be sure to email We’d love nothing more than to share it with your fellow TPPers around the country.

See you in May!