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80-Year-Old Joyrider

Since she was a little girl, Agrafena Vasilyevna had always wanted to ride a horse. So, on her 80th birthday, the elderly Russian broke into her neighbour’s stables and took off on his prized stallion called Lyme.

When Igor Vasilev discovered that his horse was missing, he quickly contacted the police. An hour later, while working out their next move, Mr Vasilev and the police were stunned to see Agrafena and Lyme come trotting into the yard.

‘They told me off but it was worth it’, explained Ms Vasilyevna. ‘I fulfilled a dream that I’ve had since childhood and I was running out of time.’

The elderly rebel also warned that this may not be the last we hear of her, adding: ‘I’ve got a few more things on my list, so people should stand by to be shocked’. Now, now, Agrafena, behave!


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