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Bucket-Headed Burglar

An American burglar, who used a bucket to hide his identity while staging a robbery, has been tracked down and caught, thanks to some hilarious CCTV footage.

Dressed in camouflage, Richard Boudreaux went to rob the seafood restaurant where he used to work in the city of Slidell, Louisiana (USA).

The 23-year-old’s plan hit a snag when he realised that he had forgotten to bring a mask. Knowing that the cash office was under CCTV surveillance, the ex-employee found a bucket, placed it over his head, and went ahead with the burglary.

When the police and the restaurant manager looked back over the footage, they caught a glimpse of Boudreaux’s face just before he donned the bucket. They then enjoyed the rest of the video, which showed the culprit bumbling around the cash office unable to see where he was going.

Yes, officers arrested the bucket-headed burglar soon after.

(ISSUE #19, FEBRUARY 2013)

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