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Chris P. Bacon is some pig

A disabled piglet, whose YouTube videos became viral sensations, is set to have his own book published.

Chris P. Bacon (get it?) rose to stardom in February when videos of him in a homemade wheelchair appeared on the video-sharing website.

Now, owner Chris Lucero has announced the release of a book featuring piglet Chris as the main character.

‘I took a bunch of footage and put in on YouTube to show my family,’ explained Lucero – a vet who adopted Chris after his original owner said he could not take care of the animal.

‘It took off from there. It was something I couldn’t imagine.’

Chris P’s disability means he is destined to spend his life as a paralysed pig. But, with more than 50,000 followers on Facebook, he will not be going this journey alone (or without support).

Chris and his owner have also put their fame to good use by helping raise funds for children with disabilities.

(ISSUE #23, JUNE 2013) 

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