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Bug Burger, Anyone?

You might want to hang on to a slice of cheese for putting on a new burger now available in a supermarket in the German town of Aachen. Diners are been offered insect burgers, made from the meat of buffalo worms.

The worms are the larvae of buffalo beetles, which are bred in the Netherlands, and are said to be highly nutritious. The owners of Bugfoundation, the company that makes the burgers, spent four years working on the idea, which they got after travelling to southeast Asia, where it’s not unusual for people to eat insects.

Customers in the supermarket were offered samples of the burgers, which were served in rolls with lettuce, onion and tomatoes.

Baris Oezel, one of the company’s owners, said that his burger looked good and did not show any signs of insects. He also added that people were attracted by the smell of them cooking.

In fact, one of the customers admitted to returning for a second serving as it tasted so good!

Burger bug? More like tummy bug!

(ISSUE #72, MAY 2018)

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