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Carrot Finds the Ring

When 84-year-old Canadian Mary Grams hadn’t seen her engagement for over thirteen years, imagine her surprise when her son's wife presented it to her it wrapped around a misshaped carrot!

It turns out Mary lost the ring in her garden all those years before, where it got trampled upon and buried.

13 years later, it seems a carrot, sowed by a member of the family, grew down through the ring and, as it grew, wedged Mary’s jewellery safely in place. When the carrot was picked later that year, the ring was revealed!

Mary’s daughter-in-law, Colleen, said she was about to feed the carrot to her dog before noticing something strange and shiny on it.

After the miraculous find, Mary gathered her family together to cut the carrot and place the ring back on her finger!

'We were giggling and laughing,’ Mary told reporters. ‘It fits. After that many years, it fits!'

(ISSUE #64, SEPTEMBER 2017) 

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